Simplify your business, hire with confidence, and stop the burnout!

Karen L. Cox, Business Process Consultant For Business Owners

If your business can't run without you...

If your team isn't sure what to do...

If you're working too many hours without the revenue to show for it...

I can help!

Through my proprietary Process, Documentation and Action (P. D. A.) Formula™ and its business process management tools, we'll organize your business so you can:

* strategically and intentionally grow your business and revenue,

* confidently hire the right team members, and

* focus your attention on the activities that move your business forward.

A balance of DWY (Done-With-You) and DFY (Done-For-You) services are available to meet your specific needs and timetable.

Business process consultant Karen L Cox helps organizations create and implement their business processes.

Business Process

Consulting & Advising

Build and Grow Your Business

By Leveraging Your Processes

Access and apply expert advice and key best practices based on decades of hands-on business process management, development and

implementation experience.

Be supported throughout the entire process - from process creation through implementation - while aligning the processes we put in place with your professional vision and your

desired lifestyle.

Karen L. Cox

Your Consultant & Advisor

With over 30 years of hands-on and managerial experience, I’ve identified key business practices and a simple, but highly effective formula for identifying key activities and documenting processes for stability, growth, and long-term success…

...Key practices that work across industries and for businesses of

all sizes.

Karen L Cox helps organizations create and implement their business processes.


I've worked in a variety of industries - heavy equipment manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, marketing research, and local government - and within Fortune 100 companies. I've been responsible for major international business process builds and implementations, including for mergers, acquisitions, company separations, and company restructurings.

We'll dial-in on the level of details and documentation you and your business needs right now and as you grow. Having seen everything from simple to extremely complex, my superpower is breaking down projects and processes into easy-to-manage, bite-sized pieces which are then tailored specifically to meet your specific situation and needs.


“Karen took my worst fear and made it possible. I went from worry and anxiety to excitement within 15 minutes of working with her.”

“Karen’s support made all the difference. She is a mindset miracle worker who uses her expertise and knowledge to help her clients make their dreams a reality. Thank you to Karen!”




Assess & Prioritize Processes of Focus


Clear, Effective, Impactful Documentation


Strategic Implementation